Challenge NO. 2

We are calling this challenge the “sweep”,¬†where the running back takes a pitch or handoff from the quarterback and starts running parallel to the line of scrimmage, allowing for the offensive linemen and fullback to get in front of him to block defenders before he turns up field. It is basically a distraction. This week your challenge is to give your family a distraction so that you can have a few hours to work on a project. Send them to the pool for a few hours, the movies, or a baseball game. Get them out of your hair. Pick a project you can do in a couple hours. Make a card, sew a pillow case, or paint a wooden sign. Pick something that gives you joy while the fam is out!!

Challenge NO. 1!!!

Hey guys! Thanks for coming to the blog to check out the first of six challenges for the upcoming retreat! We like doing these challenges and while they are in no way required we encourage you to take part to get your mojo going!!

Challenge number 1:


This challenge is to get the ball rolling. Like down the field at a high rate of velocity. This week is your week to plan what it is you want to take to the retreat. Are you a quilter? Scrapbooker, movie watcher? Now is the week to write down a plan of action, and firm up your projects. Get a playbook out (planner, list, post it note on a bulletin¬†board) and right down your “plays”. Planning will make you more productive!

Early bird registration ending soon!

Hey guys! We are down to only three spots left!! If you are wanting to come get the money in and your registration form filled out! If you have not filled out the registration form yet please make sure you click the link below to fill it out! It is important for us to have this done for this retreat.

Thanks to those who have already fill one out!

The early bird price will be ending July 18th! If you have paid your down payment and still want the chance to have the early bird price of $125 please get your second payment paid before that date. After July 18th the total registration fee goes up to $140.

If you have a friend you want to bring along please let them know that it is cheaper to sign up asap!

We are sure excited for the fun stuff we have planned for all of you!!