Sign ups for the Fall retreat are here!!!!

We are so excited for this retreat!!! Please be sure to get your money in to save your spot!

We are going to try something a little different for sign ups this time.  I am listing a Link below that will take you to a sign up sheet.  You will need to fill this out and follow the instructions to get us money.  This will allow us to get the information we need to plan and have things ready for the retreat as well as update any address or phone number changes.  We hope this will help us and streamline the registration process.  Let us know if it isn’t working.  Thanks

We are so excited for the upcoming Fall Retreat and to see all of you!!


Fall Retreat Theme….

I know it seems like we just got home and unpacked from the last retreat, but we are soooo excited about the fall retreat we can hardly contain it! Our Pinterest board is full of fun ideas and I’m not kidding when I tell you that one or another of us is posting on it daily!

We have chosen a football theme…more over, a powder-puff football theme! If any of you remember our crafting game retreat, this one will be somewhat similar. We will randomly put together teams and throughout the retreat, each team will have opportunities to “score” points for their team and block the other team from scoring. These opportunities will include some individual challenges and some will be team challenges. I promise you, it will be a KICK! (Get it? Football theme…will be a kick!)

We have a tailgating dinner planned and some super fun pre-retreat challenges ready for you as well. Early bird registration will begin June 15th and go thru July 18th and will be $125. Regular registration will be from July 19th to August 18th and will be $140.  A $70 deposit is required to hold your spot. Retreat dates are OCTOBER 12-14!!! We are doing something different this time when you sign up-there will be a form to fill out with just a few questions and a place to update your info for us. Lois sends out birthday cards and has been getting several back. That tells us we need current info on some of you! Please take the time to fill them out! If you have any special requests (such as bed needs or food allergies, etc) this is the place to let us know. We will do our best to accommodate, but we can’t promise everyone will get their requests.

We’d also like to thank each of you that took the time to answer our survey. We really appreciated all of your kind words and your feedback. We love doing these retreats and we are grateful for all of you that take the time out of your busy schedules to come and craft with us! We treasure the friendships we have made through the past 8 years. (Seriously- it will be 8 years in October that we started coming to the School House Inn!?!?) Where has the time gone? Anyway- we love you all and can’t wait to see you in October when we can say……


Survey Please

We at 4 Girls would like your opinions and thoughts about our retreats.  If you can take a minute to respond to our questions we would appreciate it very much.  We would really like responses from anyone that has ever attended one of our retreats.

  1.  How many retreats have you attended?  Do you feel like you get your money’s worth?
  2. Do you like doing a project or would you rather not have it?
  3. Do you like our venue, or do you know of another place that you feel would be better?
  4. Do you like having the retreat twice a year?  If you only could come once a year, is your preference spring or fall?
  5. Do you like having the smaller group (20 rather than 25)?
  6. Do you like the activities, games and such, or would you rather have the whole time to do your projects.  Would you be willing to share your knowledge as a “Rock Star” with the group.  Let us know what you could share or what you would be interested in?
  7. Food-too much, too little?  On Friday, is 3 meals too much?
  8. Any other thoughts or suggestions?

We really love and appreciate all of you and enjoy getting together each retreat.  We want it to be a good experience for everyone and appreciate your thoughts.

Challenge #6

We are only a week or so away from the retreat! Time is running short so get your projects packed and get ready for a tropical getaway. I know I’m so ready for a break and hopefully you are as well.

For our final challenge, I would like you to answer some questions that will hopefully help your secret sister put together a gift that will be unique to you. You may comment on this post or you may comment on the facebook post. (Our blog posts automatically post to facebook). As a secret sister, you will need to do some digging if you want the info. You will need to check the blog for comments and also watch our facebook post. If you want to keep watching the facebook post, make sure you leave a comment so you will be notified when others comment.

Here we go with the questions!

My favorite color:

My favorite treat:

My favorite hobbies:

My favorite sports teams:

My favorite smell:

My favorite thing in my home:

My secret desire:

My favorite jewelry:

What I want my secret sister to know about me:

Can’t wait to see you all soon!

Sleeping Assignments

ok ladies here are the sleeping arrangements for the retreat.  Sorry I’m a little slow in getting this out.

living room :  1 king bed, 2-3 couches, floor space…Becky, Camille, Valerie, Summer, Olivia

Gym:  Robin, Christine

Down#1:  Steph, Marcy, Debi, Kris

Alcove:  Cynthia, Cindy

Down#2:  Patty, Laurie

Down#3:  Lois, Danelle, Amber, Janell and Maddie ( will need one air bed or cot)

if you have questions, please contact us on here or on Facebook.  If you know anyone that doesn’t see either post, please let them know.

excited to see everyone in about 10 days.


Challenge #5


These lovely ladies are sisters that occassionally get to come to the retreat together. While we LOVE having sisters and close friends all come together, we also love getting to know new friends and developing new relationships. We think that one of our favorite parts of the retreats are getting closer to women who enrich our lives on a daily basis. This world is full of drama, chaos, and it seems that people are so split over religion, politics, etc. We hope that our retreats can be a safe place for all and that we can inspire, encourage, and lift up our wonderful girlfriends that can hang out with us for a few days. The world needs more building up and less tearing down!

We did secret sisters at one of our earliest retreats and we’ve been asked several times to do it again. We enjoyed doing it and hope that you will enjoy it as well. Your challenge this time is two-fold. The first challenge is to send Danelle your email address or phone number so she can secretly text or message you the name of your secret sister. Her email address is or you can message her through facebook or her phone number is 208-431-1845. (Make sure you put your name in the message if she doesnt have your phone number or email address).

The second part of the challenge is to become super slueths. Find out what you can about your secret sister thru mutual friends, social media, and most importantly by listening at the retreat. We will play a game Thursday night that will hopefully help with getting to know your secret sister better. We would also like you to bring a small gift for your secret sister-no more than $10-$20. It’s super fun to try to guess who has you and to keep who you have as a secret.  If you have trouble finding things out about your secret sister, let one of us know and we can put you in touch with others who may be able to help you. If you are asked to help provide info, please play along and don’t give away who has who. It’s way more fun!

April is coming quickly and we are looking forward to seeing you all soon!