Registration for the Spring 2018 retreat will open December 15, 2017.    Early bird registration will be until January 26.  $70 will reserve your spot.  The total Early Bird fee is $125.  Starting January 27, the fee goes to $140.00.  (See the side bar for more details and dates.)

We have had a number of people request that we extend the retreat to include Saturday night.  Although we are not extending the retreat, per se, we have reserved Saturday night also.  It will be a separate thing, and will cost $44.00 per person.  If you want to reserve a spot for Saturday night, the extra $44 will be payable with your original reservation.  It will be non-refundable just as the retreat fee is. (If Saturday is cancelled this fee will be refunded.)  If there are at least 8 spots reserved, Saturday night will be available.  Those staying over will be responsible for their own food for the extra days.  They will also be responsible for cleaning at the school house before they leave Sunday.

We are excited for this retreat.  Our theme is “Casino Night.”   Hope to see you there.


Only 10 more sleeps!!!

I think that I am looking forward to this retreat more than any other we have put together. Not only is it going to be fun but I really need a break from real life. Do you ever feel that way? Well, of course you do, you signed up for the retreat. Recharging yourself is vital to have a productive you! So lets make sure you have a good retreat!

Please bring any soap, shampoo or body wash that you wish as the school house does not provide much more than a small soap for hand washing.

Towels are provided for use at the school house. Towels for the hot polls are NOT. Please bring your own towels for the hot pools. The school house towels can not leave the premises.

We provide dinner on Thursday night no matter what time you get there. It will be hot and waiting!! We provide a “snack lunch” usually just bagels and cream cheese and lunch meat. It is grab when you wish. We provide dinner on Friday and breakfast on Saturday. If there is any specialty food, or a treat that you want to bring we do have a fridge specifically for you. We have lots of ladies bring their sodas or teas to put in the fridge. You may want to label your items for less confusion.

Speaking of labeling. PLEASE label the items you bring to the retreat. Scissors, tools, organizers. We are really good at sharing and giving back but sometimes things either get left behind or someone ends up with an extra punch. By labeling your items everyone can be sure to leave with the same items.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Heaven forbid anything gets stolen, but if things are lost we can not be held responsible. See the above paragraph.

Check in is at 2 on Thursday, and check out is 3 on Saturday. You can stay till the very last minute ladies!! Don’t rush off early and miss out on fun!!

We have some fun games for you ladies and we can not wait to see you all!!!

Challenge #6!

Hail Mary: a long, desperate pass at the end of the game that is hoped may gain some points, so it is used for a desperate attempt to resolve a serious problem at the last minute.

You challenge this week is to get your S&%t together. We always seem to wait till the last-minute to pack. Well some of us are super over achievers and have everything ready weeks in advance. That person uses prozac. I however tend to pack the night before or, heaven forbid, the morning of. I remember the morning of one of our very first retreats in Island park. Lois, Jan and Danelle, had come to Idaho Falls the night before so we could all drive up together. While everyone else was taking showers and prettying up, I was in my scrap space shoving stuff into bags as fast as I could. Miraculously I brought mostly everything I needed. Of course as most of you know, I am not extremely productive at the retreats (my mouth tends to run too much) so I probably only accomplished a little bit and therefore had enough stuff!

In all honesty I have learned how to be a little more prepared. I am actually pretty good about planning my projects to the last detail and ONLY bringing what I need so there isn’t a mad scramble the day of the retreat. I may not have packed everything in advance but I at least have my projects sorted. Whether it’s a scrapbooking “kit” I gather up, or all the fabric cut for a quilt. I have that part done. THEN I pack all the tools necessary to accomplish it. Let’s face it, the more organized I am the LESS I have to pack in and out of the school-house.

So take the time now to pack up what you need to work on. You made a plan at the beginning of the challenges right? RIGHT??! So put it in motion. This is your hail Mary.

Sleeping Arrangements!!!


We are getting closer ladies!!!

We are happy to have out room assignments ready for you all!!

The school house has bedding on all its beds, IF you are assigned a room that states that a portable/blow up bed is required you will need to work that out with your room mates on who can bring the bed. There are camp cots at the school house are metal frame, low to the ground camp cots.  They are for the Gym room, or the downstairs end bedroom. If you would rather bring an airbed or your own cot, please feel free.  Most of you are aware of the space limitations in each of these rooms, so please plan accordingly.  If you have questions, please contact us. There is NO extra bedding for those who have to bring their own so please be sure to bring your own.

Downstairs #1  Danelle, Olivia, Lois, Janell (2 babies) (1 double, 2 twins)

Alcove: Debbie, Dawn (2 twins)

King bedroom down stairs: Amber, Rachelle, Abbie Jo (provide airbed or something if desired) (King bed)

End bedroom down stairs: Jennifer, Terra, Marcy, Stephanie (there is a camp cot at the school house you can use if desired) (1 double, 1 twin)

Living Room:  Robin, Deanne, Christy, Marci (1 king, 2-3 couches or space for cots, airbed)

Gym:  Cynthia, Cindy, Sheri (there is a camp cot at the school house you can use if desired)


Challenge #5

I have never been to a professional football game. I have however been to a professional baseball game. I remember that the food at the stadium was almost as cool as the game itself. First time I ever had dippen dots. No I am not old, just lived a boring childhood. Hot dogs with sauerkraut, burgers, nachos and even at one stadium they had sushi. WHAT? Your challenge this week is to pick up a treat you want to bring to your football retreat. Weather its ice cream, chips and salsa, or peanut butter cups. What will keep you going until the wee hours of the night? Then incorporate a treat into a project. What are you hoarding that was a special purchase? Take it out and USE it, because what good is a treat in your drawer?

Challenge #4!

The most used term for plays in football has to be the quarterback sneak. I’m thinking that’s when grandpa sneaks the quarter back he gave you for picking all the dandelions out of his yard on a Saturday. Is that right?

Ok, it really isn’t but to this football novice that’s what I came up with.

The quarter back sneak is technically this:

A quarterback sneak is a play in American football and Canadian football in which the quarterback, upon taking the center snap, dives ahead while the offensive line surges forward. It is usually only used in very short yardage situations.

I have decided to interpret this play as pushing through a tough obstacle. Unless the offensive line is full of freshmen that only way 85 lbs. That would be an easy obstacle. What this challenge is about is to pick up one of your projects you put away out of frustration. Figure out what the frustration was and pushing your way through it to completion. This one is probably the hardest for me. I tend to start a lot of projects but time constraints always get int he way. I have little time to craft, or sew, so I start them but it may be months before I can go back and finish them. Finishing one of those projects will feel good. So PUSH on through. Get some chocolate and a soda to help keep up the stamina.

Good luck!